Financial Planning Process

Meeting our clients' financial objectives is something that we take very seriously. We have developed the following process to ensure that we are in a position to make suitable recommendations and review ongoing performance to ensure that our clients' financial goals are achieved.

Step 1 Initial meeting - The initial meeting is provided without obligation and free of charge. At the initial meeting we will explain in detail how we can work with our clients to provide them with a thorough understanding of their current financial situation and how we can assist them in ensuring that they achieve their future goals. We explain the benefits of a long term, consistent working relationship with a team of highly qualified professionals that have a full understanding of their situation and future aims. We will clearly detail our charging structure and how we will be remunerated for our advice and ongoing service. Upon obtaining agreement to appoint MacIntosh James & Partners we will then commence the information gathering process.

Step 2 Information gathering and understanding the current situation - Before we start to develop a comprehensive financial plan we need to obtain a thorough, detailed understanding of our client's current financial position. We do not expect our clients to undertake this part of the process themselves, instead, after obtaining their written authority, our administration team will obtain the relevant details about their current investments and holdings direct from their current managers. We then provide our clients with a summary of their current financial position. Not only is this a firm foundation from which to develop a future strategy, our clients find this a very useful tool to review their existing arrangements.

Step 3 Review of current position and goal setting - From an informed position our advisory team will then arrange a further meeting to discuss a client's current position, highlight areas to be addressed and discuss in more detail their future objectives and goals. We will agree their priorities and discuss which areas will initially be the point of focus whilst taking into account the overall strategy.

Step 4 Determining the future strategy and constructing a tailored financial plan - Once we are clear on our client's objectives, our technical team will construct a tailored financial report which will detail our recommendations. Where a recommendation involves a specific structure or financial product clients have the peace of mind in knowing that this has been thoroughly researched and chosen from the whole of the market place. This report is then presented to you in a clear, logical comprehensible format.

Step 5 Implementation - Once our clients have taken time to read and understand their financial plan and we have answered any resulting questions, the implementation process begins. Clients are kept fully informed of progress throughout the implementation stage.

Step 6 Monitoring and review - Once the overall strategy has been established and a client's financial plan has been implemented it will be monitored by our technical team to ensure that we are on track to meet their goals. Regular review meetings will be undertaken at mutually agreed times to keep clients fully informed of the performance of their plan and progress towards their financial objectives. Of course, our clients remain free to contact any member of the MacIntosh James & Partners team whenever they may wish.